Ramlab is a futuristic company that prints metal with 3d robots. The idea is to save time and costs producing parts for example if a ship is docked or out to sea and cannot navigate further because of a part that needs to be substituted , this can take months to produce and deliver and 3d printing is pretty fast

In 2017 I was contacted by Vincent from Ramlab to setup a project idea for a time-lapse of the parts being printed by these robot arms.

The project idea:
Take a screenshot every x min and send to a cloud address to further edit and make reels and presentations.

Use these cameras feed and stream to 2 Screens on location to see the part being printed outside the (arch) dangerous area.

Use this stream to remotely monitor from other locations the parts being printed.

Control everything remotely.

Some of the equipment used for the project:
3x FullHD cameras, 1x built i7 rack computer with SDI encoder cards In a strong flight case with wheels to move in case needed, 2x 50 meters of solid SDI cable to support power surges and not interfere with the video signal and Special lenses filters to protect from arch and spill from the welding of the robots.

At this date March 2021 they still make use of the project to monitor their parts being printed and I still see the computer online and provide the neccessary support.