Streaming solutions for your companyStreaming experienceMulti camera Live streaming

Streaming solutions for your company

We design and provide remote control of a streaming system, affordable and customized streaming solutions for your company.

Streaming experience

Over 20 years experience providing high quality broadcast service.

Multi camera Live streaming

Capture the energy of your event and stream it live to a global audience.


Streaming Integration on a company infrastructure

Consult / Concept


Design / Build

Assistance / Operation


Integrate streaming as serversless application in the infrastructure of your company and design an intuitive and simple backend interface to trigger livestream events.  Be able to operate the stream yourself without complexity.
Custom solutions for your company, we design, operate and provide consulting.
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Multi Camera streaming

Go Live anywhere and everywhere.

Flypack ready to broadcast with up to 8x cameras using a variety of internet signal transmission options

Recordings HD and 4K

We deliver you the event registration right after the event finishes, a wide variety of formats and options are available ie:(raw, apple pro res, mp4 etc)

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Pay Per View

Increase your revenue using pay per view in the live stream

We can embed pay-per-view in the live stream player and you can charge per view – Increase your sales / break even broadcast.

A player code with Pay-per-View Revenue will be provided to be embed in any website or social media network.

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Streaming price

Streamline Packages:

* Server costs are not included in these packages.
** Prices including up to 6 working hours per event.

**In Remote areas without internet we can use a bond system with multiple 4G network providers combined into one steady and redudant stream, this setup applies extra costs into the streaming price.

If you need a custom service please contact us, we will provide you an affordable solution.

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Streamline provides effective results for businesses of every size, working for over 20 years in professional audio and video broadcast production. Along the way designed and engineered countless video and audio production projects. We concentrate creative energies primarily on designing, engineering, and developing digital media production and distribution environments which emphasize purely digital production; developing studio environments which transcend tape-based production and distribution methodologies and extend production and distribution capabilities over IP and satellite networks.