Live stream report of Winterclash 2014

30.000 Live viewers from around the globe.

The live stream report of Winterclash.

Most viewed websites with the livestream : Be-Mag , Extremeline.TV,

7 Live Cams, 3 without wires

Live Replays with slow motions

Animated transitions with sponsors

Live Interviews



  • Jose Saiote – Producer – Broadcast Engineer
  • Ruben Broekenhuis – Director – Live Editing
  • Max¬†Schweikert – Production and EVS Operator
  • Jullien Vidal – Project Management and Camera man
  • Dick Heerkens – Live Commentator
  • Sophie Planque – Reporter / Interviewer
  • Lamri Adjis – Camera man with shoulder cam and wireless transmitters no delay.
  • Harrold Schlomer – Camera man with a DLSR with wireless transmitter no delay and using skates
  • Student from Koning College – 4rth Camera man in a Tripod Next to us
  • 2nd Student from Koning College as extra help.
  • And many others helping


  • Winterclash
  • Be Mag
  • Loco Skates

The crew Behind the Scenes:

We asked during the stream for viewers to post snapshots and photos:

Audience in Livestream and in Extremeline:

extremeline website during winterclash 30.000 live viewers on livestream page!
Compilation of recorded interviews during the livestream