Experiences of a portable multi-cam live solutions #3 – Teradek Cube 220 and Asus NT-66u Router

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I have 2x Teradek cubes, and I have to fully test them to be completely under control of these units, In todays tryout I took a Teradek Cube 220 and an Asus NT-66u router to measure the maximum Wifi distance with trees before dropping signal and without degrading video quality within the wifi range.

I did around 30 different tests some walking into the woods, and attaching a different 9dBi antenna on the router as well on the cube.

Asus NT-66u with 3x 9dBi antennas

Asus NT-66u with 3x 9dBi antennas

The Teradek Cube 220 is one of the oldest versions of he cubes, it does not connect to a usb dongle and it works only in a 2.4GHZ Band. On this cube I mounted a 9dBi antenna on its RF connector.

The Asus NT-66u is a reliable Dual Band 2.4/5GHZ router, It has 3x RF connectors providing me a way to attach more powerful antennas to increase its performance. On these 3x RFS I attached 9dBi Antennas.

The video signal coming from the camera and the Cube was streaming wirelessly trough the router feeding Wirecast via RTSP.

[tubepress video=”49857213″]

In this test I configured the Cube to send 4.5MB/s at 1080i50 to the router, I could walk up to 50m, the signal drops for 1 sec around those 50m, it was a good test, had some trees on the way and still worked as I expected.

[tubepress video=”49853183″]

This was a test to see till where I could walk into the bushes without signal drop, I configured the Cube to send 1MB/s at 720p to the router. I walked up 100m into the woods till I Lake, everything was better than i was expected and I didnt had any signal drop.

I will keep doing these tests over and over and some will post here.