47th ESLAB – 54 Recordings 3 Intense streaming days at ESA (European Space Agency)

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47th ESLAB – 54 Recordings 3 Intense streaming days at ESA
ESA (European Space Agency)
Really interesting to understand and find out that there is a spacecraft called Planck which was launched some years ago *2009 to space, this cutting edge technology satellite have such powerful lens that already scanned more than 12 billion galaxies!
At the same time it scans galaxies polarisation’s, intensities, and studies like solar systems, comets, etc .. an impressive progress in space technology..
Most of the data sent from this satellite, which is huge is being under study by thousands of astronomers and scientists in order to find out causes like the big bang. In this conference allot of good quality talks from professors/scientists and astronomers from all over the world were present
I Was truly impressed and regardless of not understanding 90% of their scientific work it was just fascinating.
We recorded 54 Different keynotes and speakers.

Here some of the recordings that most interested me:

For full list of recordings:

I hope you will be impressed as me knowing this news.