Grooveline ::: Have a Nice Day Festival 2012

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Grooveline ::: Have a Nice Day Festival 2012

Have a Nice Day festivalThis Saturday, Grooveline is setting up a broadcast in one of the most enjoyable festivals in the Netherlands.
“Have a nice Day Festival” has been around since the past 8 years, last year Grooveline was present broadcasting 2 different dancefloors covering top artists, this year we are giving a tryout in one of our channels and testing our new HD portable system, totally unwired! We do this by using transmitters and receivers from the DJ mixers as well as from the cameras back into a switcher bringing it live via 3G and 4G to your screen, our intention in this tryout is a total coverage of the festival.

We will have 2 different Live channels going as following:

Main Dance floor at :::
HD portable tryout all around the event at :::

If you don’t want to loose a chance of missing this event online we advise you to add it into your calendar so you can be notified.

Check the event at for the line up and more info.
Have a Nice Day Festival Flyer

We hope you enjoy your stay with the live stream, feel free to chat with other viewers and Have a nice day festival!

your channel,

Watch Grooveline Live on Facebook :::
Watch Grooveline Live from your phone :::

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