Live Streaming

Live Streaming Event for Businesses

Business and corporate events can be very special. So special art such events that they should be broadcasted. They do not, however, have to be broadcast on television. The events can be aired on the internet via live event streaming. Through working with a professional video production as Streamline Media service, it might be possible to have a great video presentation of the event aired online.

Live Streaming Emerce Day 2012

Live Streaming Emerce Day 2012

Again, you do want to work with a professional service. A high quality professional team with high grade multi-camera video production services is most likely to perform the best work for the fee that is charged.

Ultimately, corporate events do want to have professional looking video work done. If the work is not professional looking, then it will reflect poorly on the business reflected in the live event streaming presentation.
Those not familiar with the type of work done by a video production of Streamline Media service could very well be greatly surprised at what the service can do.The video production capabilities can look even better than programs that air on actual television networks. For clients that need highly professional work performed, the skills of such pros will not disappoint.

To be sure that you will be having the work you want done is what is actually performed, you should request to see video samples of work that the service has already done.
This way, you can gain insight into how the video work will done and what you can expect from the finished product. Again, it might be surprising to how how brilliant multi-camera video production work can be in a live streaming event.

Our service Features:

  • Live streaming single or multi-camera production, delivered in HD
  • Monetize the live event with a Pay Per View revenue solution (payment application located directly in the player)
  • Monetize with Subscriptions
  • Live Streaming Professional television style production quality
  • Live switching between video sources
  • Picture-in-picture capability
  • Audience interaction
  • Social Integrations (Facbook, Chat, Twitter)
  • Pre-recorded video commercials and graphics
  • Professional animations and transitions
  • Live Streaming in HD.
  • Rental and mounting equipment with help support desk on a monthly basis
  • Portable Solutions for streaming the event within the hardest conditions
  • HD Flypack
  • Local Capturing/Recording Video in HD 720p and 1080p.
  • Multi Cam Shot, Multi Mic Setup.
  • Multi Track Recording 192khz/24bit.
  • Audio and Video are both recorded for further editing and processing in CD or DvD production.
    • Video –» Live Stream/DvD Production/Performance Archive
    • Audio –» Live Stream/CD Production/Multi-Track Mix and Master