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Live stream report of Winterclash 2014

30.000 Live viewers from around the globe.

The live stream report of Winterclash.

Most viewed websites with the livestream : Be-Mag , Extremeline.TV,

7 Live Cams, 3 without wires

Live Replays with slow motions

Animated transitions with sponsors

Live Interviews



  • Jose Saiote – Producer – Broadcast Engineer
  • Ruben Broekenhuis – Director – Live Editing
  • Max Schweikert – Production and EVS Operator
  • Jullien Vidal – Project Management and Camera man
  • Dick Heerkens – Live Commentator
  • Sophie Planque – Reporter / Interviewer
  • Lamri Adjis – Camera man with shoulder cam and wireless transmitters no delay.
  • Harrold Schlomer – Camera man with a DLSR with wireless transmitter no delay and using skates
  • Student from Koning College – 4rth Camera man in a Tripod Next to us
  • 2nd Student from Koning College as extra help.
  • And many others helping


  • Winterclash
  • Be Mag
  • Loco Skates

The crew Behind the Scenes:

We asked during the stream for viewers to post snapshots and photos:

Audience in Livestream and in Extremeline:

extremeline website during winterclash 30.000 live viewers on livestream page!
Compilation of recorded interviews during the livestream

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Preparing for Winterclash Livestream – Extremeline.TV

Winterclash is an Aggressive skating competition that takes place at different venues since February 2005.
The next event will take place at Area 51 in Eindhoven and we at Extremeline.TV going to be present broadcasting it live  with an estimate of a reachable global audience of 10.000 to 15.000 concurrent world viewers.

Checking up AREA 51 for the Winterclash Broadcast


Winterclash in 2011 :

Teaser for the next Winterclash:

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Lance controller triggering tally and auto transitions in the GVG110

This is a demonstration of the Lance HSE100 Controlling the GVG110 auto transitions and Tally light.
The On-Air Button on the controller lights up when the source goes to program mode and this same button sends a pulse via the GPI to the GVG to make an auto transition. This way when the EVS operator have a cue shot for a replay it saves some synchrony hassle between the live operator and him to fast replay some actions.
Again thanks to Baz from for all his help!