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Mathias Kaden at Tripstream ::: Fri November 2nd 2012

It was time for another German artist to perform at the Tripstream Fridays nights, this time Mathias Kaden, showing his great DJ Skills
Here is the show:

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Jeremy Underground Paris

Once again Triphouse Rotterdam hosted a Tripstream with a main header DJ

Here is the video

Jeremy Underground Paris at Tripstream Fri October 27 2012 from Grooveline on Vimeo.

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Motor City Drum Ensemble Live event streaming

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Special guest on friday october 5th is Motor City Drum Ensemble
 Motor City Drum Ensemble , 20:20 Vision. !K7 who currently hails from Cologne Germany to Rotterdam doing a DJ Set live event streaming for Triphouse Rotterdam and Grooveline.

Broadcast by Grooveline.Org from Triphouse Rotterdam Records Shop.