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City Safari Blue Live Concert from Bird ::: Rotterdam ::: Saturday, 3 November 2012

Recording from City Safari Blue :

Live streaming from

City Safari Blue

city |ˈsitē| (a large town where different people work and live)                                                  

safari |səˈfärē| (expedition to observe the unknown)

blue |bloō| (skies, sea, clarity)

These elements combined represent what the band is all about.

Live music to make you dance, experience the newness and simply enjoy!!!
The debut-album of City Safari Blue, simply called “CSB” (release: spring 2011) reflects a two year process during which the band developed their authentic groove.

They seamlessly blend different styles of house-, world- and jazz-music, into stories of life (Felicidade), love and emigration (Zunga).

These songs not only tell us about the hardships, but also about all the good things that life has to offer. Making people dance, laugh and party.  Sung in  different languages ; English, Brasilian-Portuguese and Capeverdian.

It all began in Barcelona. The city of Dali, Picasso and Gaudi inspired founder Camilo to write the first sketches of the album. He then returned to Rotterdam/ the Netherlands to form City Safari Blue. Most of the members had played together before, backing different artists.

They discovered that they had a very similar taste of music and that they all wanted to take it beyond the level of just playing. They started composing music together and were surprised by the vibe they could create, mixing dance/disco rhythms with jazzy chords and afro-beat, broken beats with soulful vamps…

The key members consist of Camilo Silva (singer/percussion), Sowande Boksteen (keys), Roland Sie (bass), Marvin Oron (guitar) and Carlos Fortes (drums).

In 2010 the band performed on all different kind of festivals like Dunya Festival (as the winner of “Dunya on Tour”), Gideon Festival and Wantij Festival (clubnights). They also played in smaller venues and clubs like “de Unie” (North Sea Jazz Roundtown) and “Westerlijk Handelsterrein” (Queensnight).

Be on the lookout for the new album and remixes!

City Safari Blue

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sven w big

Sven Weisemann Exclusive Piano Concert Live from ADE ::: Wednesday, 17 October 2012 ::: 21h

Sven Weisemann – Exclusive Piano Concert at ADE October 17th 2012 ::: Grooveline from Grooveline on Vimeo.

Sven Weisemann Exclusive Piano Concert Live  – A Journey trough all elements of life
This year Amsterdam Dance Event is probably the biggest and most amazing up to date, with an incredible selection of great artists and performances playing all over torn.
Sven Weisemann will take you on a deep musical journey using just North Sea Jazz Club’s very rare Yamaha S6 Concert Piano and his incredible talent.
For the sake of music with love
“The full Glass”
Streamline was streaming this live event and setting a multi-camera video production in HD quality.
The concert was broadcasted live from our website as well from our concerts site, on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 at 21h.

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ana lains 3

Ana Lains Live Concert from De Doelen ::: Thursday, 4th October 2012 ::: “Quatro Caminhos” premiere Holland Tour

Streamline broadcasted the Fado Singer Ana Laíns from the Concert Hall De Doelen Rotterdam – Holland October 4th

In this live event streaming, our video production in Rotterdam did a multi-camera video production, this event was broadcasting live from Rotterdam, it could be viewed at this website : as well in Facebook.

20:15 hours (Rotterdam time)

19:15 hours (Portugal time)

Ana Lains is known as one of the best portuguese upcoming singers. With her recent álbum “Quatro caminhos” we saw she came to stay!. The CD came out on the market, after the presentation tour witch has been in countries such Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Chec Republic and Switzerland, Ana Laíns is preparing herself for the international tour of 2012, and her music was already considered one of the best 10 álbums of 2011 by the Dutch press:
“Ana Lains has an elegant, talented command over natural frasing and light vibrato, in contrast to more famous colegues”
(Frits Lagerwerff, VPRO Gids, Holland)

Ana Laíns sings for the first time by the age of 6, and shows her talent for music. By the age of 15 she sings the first Fado. In 1999 she’s the winner of the portuguese most important fado contest, and decides to find her place as a professional and moves to Lisbon. At the age of 21 she has already been singing in countries such as the United states, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The presentation tour goes by several countries, and in Greece she was considered by the greek press as “ the Diva of a different fado”. The British prestige magazine “Songlines” hightlighted the completely contemporary exercise of her singing on Fado. In Portugal she was considered a majer revelation for giving a new colour to fado and to the portuguese music in general.

Band Members:
Ana Laíns, vocals
Paulo Loureiro, piano, clarinet e and accordeon
Hugo Silva, Portuguese guitar
João Almeida, acoustic guitar and percussion
Vasco Sousa, acoustic bass-guitar

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